Wondering about the guarantee of Pieta’s future product? Read This

It is obvious for a potential investor to ask about the future of a project/project before investing in it. This is even more crucial in the crypto space where things may turn volatile at any instant and the chances of fraud ICOs are always there.

Many potential investors of the Pieta ICO and token have been asking questions about the future of Pieta and demanding the guarantee that there will actually be a product.

So, here’s the answer

Even though it is not easy to predict the future of an ongoing project, more so in the blockchain space where you can never be sure about how the future will turn out, when it comes to Pieta, you can be assured of high profits and returns in the future. Here is why.

Why is Pieta a future-safe project?

Pieta is a project which is based on one of the core problems of this world – environment safety. We all know and understand the importance of the environment, and we all agree that our ecosystem is in grave danger, owing to the increasing emission of greenhouse gases and carbon which are harming our environment.

One of the major issues is the growing use of traditional energy resources such as oil, gas, and petroleum, which are not only costly but also deadly to the environment. The use of these products results in very high emission of gases which create the greenhouse effect, making the air unbreathable and harming nature.

Pieta is developing a solution to fight this problem while continuing the growth of the economy and the world. It is developing a way to generate low-cost solar energy which will be used in a wide range of energy-intensive fields, including cryptocurrency mining.

So, as for the guarantee of the success of Pieta project, you can be relaxed to know that Pieta is based on a very realistic and in-demand concept which is certain to be a success.

The price of the Pieta token will start increasing as soon as the token is listed on top exchanges after the ICO sale (in November 2019). Then, investors and token-holders can trade it on the exchanges for high profits.

What about the product?

Pieta will be developing two major products in the long term.

First, it will develop customized mining hardware/rigs for enabling users to mine top cryptocurrencies using green solar power. The development of these mining rigs is already under process. Pieta has partnered with top mining networks for the same.

Second, Pieta will establish dedicated solar powerhouses and plants in specific locations across Africa. It will further situate the company headquarter and warehouses for storing the electricity generated via these stations. The same will start by the end of this year.

Still wondering about the future of Pieta? Read the whitepaper for complete details and the future roadmap.

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