Why You Should Join Pieta Ecosystem? What Are The Benefits?

Pieta is an innovative blockchain project which intends to make crypto mining more friendly to the environment and more economical to the miners. The primary aim of the Pieta project is to increase the profitability of everyone who is involved in cryptocurrency mining activity in one way or another.

The Pieta ecosystem will use renewable solar energy in place of traditional fossil fuel based energy in order to make crypto mining a more profitable and eco-friendly activity. Moreover, it will also use the latest X20 mining algorithm in order to reduce energy consumption (and greenhouse gas release) in the mining process.

If you’re an investor in the Pieta project and wondering about its benefits or if you’re looking for a profitable ICO project to invest in this year, here are some reasons why you should invest in Pieta.

Why Invest in Pieta Ecosystem? The Benefits

A Simple Crypto Mining Experience

Pieta aims to simplify the overall mining process for the novice and beginners by creating a user-friendly system using sustainable solar energy. The Pieta mining ecosystem wants to level the field for everyone by making crypto mining independent of hardware and energy cost.

High Security and Speed

The new X20 algorithm will help Pieta ecosystem to ensure high security along with a faster speed of transactions. This algorithm is designed to reduce the average block transaction time to 20 seconds, making the overall process faster and more secure.

High Earning Potential

As I said, the main objective of Pieta is to increase the profitability of miners. This will be done by implementing low-cost solar energy for mining. The X20 algorithm of Pieta will further increase the miners’ earning by offering up to 12 coins for each new block that is mined. The high mining rewards are expected to encourage more people and businesses to go solar.

Increased Equipment Life

Pieta’s use of the new X20 algo will ensure that the mining rigs consume less power than usual. This will not only save energy but also will increase the life of your mining equipment as they will be processing more transactions in less time.

High Token Liquidity

Another major benefit of the Pieta project is the high liquidity of the token. The Pieta token is designed to be used for trading as well as in other merchant activities. For one, all the holders and investors of Pieta will be given access to a large point-of-sale network where they can engage in secure and transparent trading of anything of value. Moreover, the coin will also be listed on a number of exchanges, enabling holders to exchange them for high profits.

Still wondering whether or not to invest in Pieta?

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