Why you should buy Pieta tokens in ICO (access to Mining Contracts)

Pieta tokens in ICO

Pieta token is an ERC20 utility token that was created as the native cryptocurrency for the pieta ecosystem. Just like any other utility token, Pieta token is supposed to give its users access to something. So, what is it? What does pieta token give you access to? Let’s find out.

Pieta Ecosystem – What is it?

Pieta Ecosystem or Pieta Network is a crypto mining network where users will be enabled to mine all the top cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ETH with the use of solar energy. Yes, you heard it right. Pieta ecosystem will enable everyone to participate in cost-effective mining of cryptocurrencies with renewable solar power.

Here’s why it matters.

The increasing cost of energy is taking its toll on the crypto mining industry, forcing miners to look for other means if they continue to want to earn profits from their mining efforts. Energy/electricity is one of the major contributors to the cost of crypto mining, besides hardware and other costs. In many cases, miners are forced to sell their earned bitcoin in order to pay for the electricity cost.

This is rapidly decreasing user interest in mining. Moreover, large consumption of fuel-based electricity in mining operations is also harming our environment with lots of carbon release on a daily basis.

Pieta will solve this issue with its totally renewable and pure solar energy based crypto mining system.

What’s the use of Pieta tokens?

If you still couldn’t connect the dots, here you go.

As the team had earlier promised, Pieta token gives its holders access to its highly profitable mining ecosystem. In simple words, you can use your pieta tokens to purchase the mining contracts with Pieta.

Pieta mining contracts will go on sale by the end of September 2019. By purchasing mining contracts, you will get access to the Pieta’s cloud mining network with complete crypto mining infrastructure, including modern mining hardware, unlimited solar electricity, hashrate, etc.

Pieta’s mining contracts are the most affordable, much lower in rate, compared to other mining networks. Since the cost and consumption of energy are very low, the users will be able to make more profits than ever from their crypto mining efforts.

Moreover, the users of Pieta tokens will also get up to 20% discount in the contract. In addition, those who choose to mine Pieta coins will also be given sharing in the platform profits.

Why should you buy Pieta tokens in ICO?

If you still haven’t purchased your pieta tokens, you have two options here – you can buy from the exchange (P2PB2B) or you can buy in the ICO.

Here’s why you should buy Pieta tokens during the ICO sale:

  • Discounted low price
  • Bonus up to 100%
  • Instant delivery
  • Exclusive offers for contract buyers

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry now, before the ICO sale ends. Buy now at  Pieta Network

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