Why is Pieta The Best Blockchain Investment For 2019 and Beyond?

Pieta Best Blockchain

2018 was a breakthrough year for Blockchain projects. From billion-dollar ICO ’s to wide-scale media and public attention, 2017 marked the beginning for the DECENTRALIZATION ERA. But as they say ‘If It’s Not You Yourself, A High Fall Can Definitely Teach You How To Fly’, 2018 was the year of the Big Fall for Blockchain. Cryptocurrency price plummeted across the Globe and made everybody realize that the Honeymoon Period was more or less over.

So does this mean the end of the road for Blockchain Investors? No not at All. In fact, on the hindsight, the good times have just begun. The churning period is over now and what we have before us in 2019 are Blockchain projects that focus on the issues at hand for more self-sustaining and practical blockchain ecosystems that benefit one and all. Blockchain Projects like PIETA are breaking old norms to offer blockchain solutions that benefit the global community at large and also at the same time offer the best return on investment for its ICO participants.

Pieta is a blockchain solution to the towering energy crisis that looms large over global world economy today. Their vision is to make renewable energy like Sun, Wind etc efficient and accessible for enterprises, businesses etc. Underlying the project is a blockchain transaction framework which is characterized by 3E’s i.e

Ease of Use

The Three Characteristics of Pieta:

Ease of Use: Blockchain is still an alien concept for many around the globe. Moreover, for those who are familiar with the concept, the entry points are complex and hard to get the head around. The Pieta Blockchain Solution an easy to interact ‘click and use’ interface for faster adoption in B2C and B2B environments. Pieta offers an integrated Wallet. All you need to do to purchase/sell Token through Pieta Crypto Wallet is to Open website and Create an account or sign in.

Efficiency: Efficiency is key to any payment or exchange environment. This is particularly important for Blockchain Ecosystems where Blocksize and transit time can lead to congestion. PIETA Block size is at Max 2 MB and the Block Time is 20 second or less. This facilitates faster transactions for users in the on the PIETA Blockchain Environment.

Exclusive: The Pieta Blockchain Solution owes its exclusivity to the X20 Algorithm powered Smart Contracts. The X20 Algorithm encompasses all the Pieta Solution stands for. It offers energy mining solution for the Pieta token.

2018, the Blockchain Industry was accused by experts for promoting Mining Monopoly. There are two reasons for this:

Crypto Mining has grown into a costly affair driven by costly computing machines.

Power consumption is very high and most miners find the process taxing and suffer loss.

The above two drawbacks will only grow stronger with time as more and more miners join the crypto bandwagon as well as the increase in the number of cryptocurrencies. Unless a solution is put in place, this could trigger a series of unwanted events which may prove detrimental to the Blockchain Dream. The primary concern among this being rise of the Mining Oligarchs.

The X20 Algorithm employs 20 different rounds of hashes. This accelerates normal transaction verification speed by 20 times. Its key benefits include:

Reduced Operational Cost: Mining equipment are freed from overheating lags. This reduces operational costs by reducing electricity consumption by a factor of half.
Reduced Transaction Fees: Pieta Solution reduces electricity consumption for Blockchain Solution by 50%. This eventually leads to lower transaction fees for PITA Platform users and incremental demand for Pita Tokens.

Hence we see that PIETA is a new-age Blockchain solution that promises to be the flagbearer for all future energy efficient Blockchain solutions. These features in addition to Interoperability and Scalability makes Pieta The Best Blockchain Investment For 2019.

The PIETA Pre-ICO is live now. Pieta ICO is ideal for Merchants and business looking for anonymous, secure and cost-effective blockchain transaction solution. In addition to these, PITA ICO is a welcome opportunity for crypto enthusiasts looking for a low-cost entry point into the cryptocurrency market.

The pre-sale of PIETA ICO with a token price at $2 is live now. The total number of tokens allocated for pre-Ico is 100,000. Buy before Feb 14, 2019, for maximum benefits. For More Information, Please Join Us!

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