To Give Best Use Cases of Pieta Token, We are Doing Best From our Side

Best Use Cases of Pieta Token

The reliability and credibility of a cryptocurrency greatly depend on how many use cases for the token/coin are there. You cannot expect a cryptocurrency to become successful if it does not have any real usage in the world. Keeping that in mind, the Pieta team is working hard to prepare the best use cases for the investors and users of the Pieta token.

To make sure that the Pieta token remains useful for a very long time and keeps profiting its investors and holders in the long term, we have presented a number of use cases for our token/coin.

Use Cases for Pieta Token

Before investing in a new cryptocurrency, everyone wants to know about the ways they would be able to spend that currency. This is why we have ensured that there are multiple use cases for the Pieta token/coin, as follows:

Use Pieta tokens to buy mining hashpower

Pieta is building customized solar-based crypto mining rigs to reduce the energy cost for cryptocurrency mining process. It is also working on establishing its own solar power plants in Africa to produce low-cost, high-quality solar energy.

The holders and buyers of Pieta tokens will soon be able to use their tokens to purchase mining contracts/hashpower to be able to mine new cryptocurrencies through Pieta’s solar-based network. Also, they can purchase solar power using their tokens. Interestingly, the users of Pieta tokens for payment will be given up to 20% discount on the price of mining contracts.

Trading on Exchanges

Pieta token has been enabled for crypto trading against top coins such as BTC and ETH. For now, the token has been listed on the P2PB2B exchange platform, where users can exchange their Pieta tokens for other supported cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. That means you can use your Pieta tokens (PITC) to buy bitcoins.

However, we strongly advise our investors to keep holding their Pieta tokens for some more time. The value of Pieta will start rising as soon as the project is launched this November. Then, you can sell your tokens for a much higher price.

Access to the marketplace

In the coming days, Pieta team will form partnerships with multiple merchants and businesses across the globe to further expand the potential uses of the Pieta coin. Pieta token holders will be able to exchange their tokens for newly generated Pieta coins. Pieta coin is a digital currency which will be enabled to be used for payments worldwide.

Multiple merchants around the world will soon be accepting pieta coins for payments for a range of services and products. More details about this will be revealed later.

To know more about the future plans and scope of Pieta or to invest in the ICO sale, please visit:

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