Thanks for your all love and support, Keep supporting Pieta Ecosystem

Thanks for your support

We, the Pieta team, are truly honored to welcome all the investors who have purchased Pieta tokens during the ongoing pre-sale and are happy to announce that a huge amount of investment has already been raised through our token sale. But we are still far away from our target funding in order to be able to complete the development of the Pieta ecosystem. So, we request all the existing and potential investors to keep supporting the Pieta project by investing in the ICO sale.


The pre-sale of Pieta tokens is scheduled to end on 14th May, after which the main ICO sale will begin. Those, who are looking to invest in the Pieta project should do it now, as the exclusive pre-sale token price and bonus offer will end shortly.


Pieta token Pre-Sale Details


  • Start date: January 15
  • End date: May 14, 2019
  • Bonus: Up to 40%
  • Token Price: $0.25 to $0.75


Public ICO Details


  • Start date: May 15
  • End date: November 14, 2019
  • Bonus: Up to 100% (depending on the stage at which you invest)
  • Token Price: $1.5 to $5


As you can see, the pieta token price in the public ICO sale will increase to $1.5 as opposed to the current price of $0.75, so you should invest now to get two times tokens for the same price.

Wondering why Pieta project was started in the first place? Let’s go to the beginning.


We are all aware that the environment is suffering a lot for the past many years now. The air is becoming so polluted that it is getting harder to breathe. People are afraid of drinking water because of the increasing water pollution level. Animals are dying or becoming instinct. We are constantly cutting our forests and trees, not knowing its side-effects. Why? Mostly just to lead a more comfortable life and/or make more money. But at what cost? How will we survive if the environment is no longer worth living?


Modern technologies are further adding to the woes of our ecosystem. The latest example is cryptocurrency mining which holds the record for the highest energy consumption in a single activity. Do you know how badly this activity affects our environment? Moreover, it is depleting our natural energy resources. So, what’s the solution?


The Pieta Ecosystem.


Pieta is a solution with which people would be able to mine cryptocurrencies without harming the environment. The PIeta mining platform/equipment will be designed to use solar energy as the primary energy source. Solar is a natural, unlimited energy source which is cheaper, economical and eco-friendly, as it has no bad impacts on the environment.


In order to develop such a system, Pieta needs the support of people, in a large amount.


So, who will you support in this critical time – Pieta for environment friendly crypto mining or any other mining ICO which is designed simply to add to the troubles of our ecosystem.

Register, on the website and buy tokens.

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