4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Pieta’s Mining Contracts


The increasing amount of energy consumption in crypto mining has left miners looking for other, low-cost energy options for mining purpose. Renewable energy seems like a reliable option, but not many companies are exploring the possibilities yet.

Pieta is.

Pieta is going to launch its one-of-a-kind crypto mining ecosystem where top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ETH will be mined through solar electricity with the use of Pieta’s mining contracts.

Pieta will soon start selling its mining contracts. Here’s why you should be the first in line to purchase it.

It’s Affordable

Pieta mining contracts will be very affordable, thanks to its use of solar electricity instead of traditional, non-renewable energy sources. For a limited time period, Pieta will be selling the contracts at a reduced price for the users of Pieta tokens. So, by using your Pieta tokens you can get additional discounts on your purchase of Pieta mining contracts.

Pieta’s is one of the first crypto mining systems to work on the concept of shared mining systems, where users will be able to use shared hardware and unlimited solar power for the mining of their favorite cryptocurrencies. Overall, Pieta aims to reduce the cost for crypto miners by reducing the input cost of hardware and energy.

Moreover, there is no maintenance cost or fee for the use of Pieta mining platform.

It’s Solar-based

Pieta is all set to launch one of the first truly solar-based crypto mining ecosystem. The mining rigs of Pieta Network are customized to work with solar electricity and to give more efficiency with less energy consumption.

The use of solar energy for cryptocurrency mining not only reduces the cost but also helps save the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Solar, being a renewable and eco-friendly energy source, has no reported harm to the environment or ecosystem.

It’s Highly Profitable

The reducing profits of crypto mining, due to increasing mining difficulty and cost, has become a major roadblock for the miners, forcing them to look for other ways. Amidst that, Pieta’s solar crypto mining system will increase the profits for miners by reducing the input cost of electricity and other resources.

Moreover, Pieta will provide its mining contracts at a much lower rate than the competitors, enabling more and more people to engage in profitable mining of top cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, if you choose to mine Pieta coins with the X20 algorithm, you will get added benefits in the form of sharing in the Pieta’s profits.

It’s on Cloud

Last but not the least benefit of investing in the Pieta mining contracts is access to cloud mining. Cloud-based crypto mining is profitable because the miners do not need to buy their own mining hardware, machinery and electricity sources in order to get started with the mining of cryptocurrencies.

Pieta’s cloud mining network will enable users to start mining cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world, with nearly zero input cost.

Note: For now, Pieta mining contracts can only be purchased in exchange for Pieta tokens. If you haven’t already bought your Pieta tokens, you can do so at the ongoing Pieta ICO sale.

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