We Delivered What We Promised. Pieta Will Start Selling Mining Contracts Very Soon

Delivered What We Promised

We have good news for all our existing and new users/investors. The Pieta team is all set to release its mining contracts within a few weeks, probably by the end of this month. Pieta mining contracts will go on sale via our official website (to be announced). Here you can find more information about the event.

What is the Pieta Mining Contract?

Just like any other crypto mining contract, Pieta’s mining contract is an agreement between the company and the buyer/miner, where buyers will get access to high-performance mining hardware and solar electricity. Pieta mining contract will enable miners to effectively mine a number of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Pieta coin at a much lower initial cost and with high profitability. Here’s how.

It will be a cloud-based mining contract, so users will be able to access and use it anywhere and at any time.

Pieta’s mining system will work on the concept of shared hardware, where miners will be able to use the company’s infrastructure for the mining of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, they will get access to affordable, renewable electricity produced from solar energy for use in the mining operation. This will reduce the overall input cost of mining and increase profits/productivity.

Pieta mining system is likely to reduce the cost by up to 50% and increase the number of coins you can mine.

The validity of the Pieta crypto mining contract will be 2 years.

How to purchase Pieta mining contracts

In order to purchase Pieta’s mining contract, you must first have Pieta tokens in your wallet. For now, the Pieta token will be the only payment option to purchase Pieta mining contracts.

To encourage more and more people to buy the contract, the company, for a limited period, is offering interesting discounts on the purchase of mining contracts using Pieta tokens for payment. You can buy Pieta tokens from the ICO sale at the website

Once you have enough Pieta tokens in your wallet, go to the website to purchase the Pieta mining contract. (The website will be revealed soon)

How to mine cryptocurrencies with Pieta Network

Pieta’s mining contract will give its holders access to a complete mining infrastructure, including hardware, software and affordable solar energy, for the mining of top cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ETH and Pieta coin.

The mining process works as usual, where miners will have to solve mathematical equations in order to validate the transactions. The only difference will be in terms of energy consumption and output, as the verification process is expected to get faster because of more efficient infrastructure. Users might even be able to increase their mining efficiency through this high-performance and low-cost system. The profitability will naturally be high because of the low input cost.

Pieta will also offer special incentives to those who indulge in the mining of Pieta coins. Our new X20 algorithm will further improve the overall efficiency by reducing energy consumption in the mining process.

Find more about Pieta’s upcoming mining contracts and app at Pieta Network

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