Hurry! Pieta Pre ICO Sale Will End On 15 May: Many People Already Invested To Save Nature

The final pre-sale of Pieta is about to end on the 15th of May. A lot of people have already invested in the project and are now an active part of the modern mining platform which will not only save the nature but also will make crypto mining more affordable and accessible.

Only a few days are left for anyone who want to be a part of the Pieta ecosystem by investing to save nature. Invest today!

About Pieta

Pieta is a blockchain project which was created with the aim to minimize the use of non-renewable energy sources for the mining of cryptocurrencies.

Unlike most other crypto mining platforms, Pieta understands the harmful impacts crypto mining has on our environment. This is why Pieta is developing a new kind of mining system where solar will be the primary source of energy.

For one, Pieta is developing customized mining rigs which will operate with the power of renewable solar energy.

This will not only reduce the cost of mining but also have a positive impact on the environment in terms of great reduction in the release of greenhouse gases.

Second, Pieta is going to use the new X20 algorithm for the mining process. X20, which is the modern version of the X11 algorithm, is an energy efficient mining system which limits energy consumption, and therefore release, by keeping the mining hardware cooler over long periods of time.

Pieta’s main aim behind the use of the X20 algo is to make crypto mining cost-effective and more profitable for the miners by reducing the energy cost and consumption.

Also, the investors of the Pieta project will benefit in terms of increasing profitability and revenue in the form of high price and liquidity of Pieta tokens.

How to invest in Pieta?

In order to invest in Pieta, one has to register on the website and purchase Pieta tokens during the ongoing pre-sale. A bonus of up to 50% can be availed depending on how soon you invest.

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