Pieta is Achieving Its MileStones. Thanks for Showing Trust in Pieta Project

Pieta is Achieving Its MileStones.

Pieta is on its way to becoming one of the most revolutionary crypto projects of the year. It is innovative and high in demand. Everyone who has been searching for an easier and more efficient way of mining cryptocurrencies is now looking at the Pieta project with high expectations. And Pieta is committed to meeting all the expectations of all its users. We are slowly and steadily achieving all the project milestones and going better than we hoped for.

Pieta ICO is big and successful

The ICO sale of Pieta tokens is near to the end. We are glad to share the news that the token sale has been immensely successful. With over 500 investors, our token is now stronger than ever. Pieta ICO ends in November and with it ends the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a part of a wonderful project.

But worry not, you can always buy Pieta tokens at one of the exchanges where it is listed. But if you purchase Pieta tokens during the ongoing ICO sale, you can avail up to a 100% bonus on your investment. Don’t be late.

The user interest is higher than ever

As more and more people are finding out about the Pieta ecosystem and what we’re trying to do here, they are showing genuine interest in the project. This is clear by the level of user interest and queries we are receiving through various portals.

As you can witness from many forum posts and social media posts around the internet, people are absolutely loving the idea of a bitcoin mining ecosystem which is powered by solar energy. There are thousands of crypto miners around the world who need a better, cheaper and more efficient way of mining. All these can benefit from what we are trying to achieve here.

Pieta team is developing exactly what you asked for

At the start of the year, we had promised that we will develop a crypto mining system and application where people could mine new cryptocurrencies (coins) using affordable solar power. We have nearly completed developing the mining applications, which will be released later this year. Pieta is also working on establishing its solar power plants across Africa for producing and providing low-cost and high-quality solar energy for mining operations.

We are on the track of fulfilling our promises.

Pieta is going to change the future, thanks for being a part of the journey

Pieta token will be listed on popular exchange platforms for trading including P2PB2B. The development of the solar-based mining platform is almost done. We are in the process of building partnerships with organizations and mining networks all over the world. The token is wallet-ready and the wallet app will also be launched soon. More than 500 investors have joined the ICO sale. Do you need more reasons to trust us?

Make sure to invest in the Pieta ICO today before it is too late.

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