Pieta ICO Sale is Live! Get YOUR tokens with 100% Bonus NOW, before the limit of participants is reached

The most yearning Token sale of the year is here & now! After an astounding success and staggering response in the pre-ICO sale, Pieta has inaugurated its public sale on 15th May 2019. The sale has been divided into six phases and will continue till 14th November.

This means that November will be the last month to invest in this innovative cryptocurrency which has the potency and vision to solve the problems like high electricity bills and carbon emission.

Why is the current ICO phase a highly beneficial time to invest in Pieta token?

It’s the eleventh hour (ideal opportunity) to invest in the Pieta project at the lowest public sale token price of $1.5 along with 100% Bonus. Pieta has received its target funding via Pre ICO sale, thanks to the investors who understood and trusted this environment-friendly Pieta system which foresees the utilization of renewable solar energy in the crypto mining process, abandoning the fossil fuel which highly hampers the environment whilst making mining process- a costly affair.

We anticipate the same stunning response in the public sale as well as a quite high pace. It is the 11th hour to grab the double amount of tokens for the same price in the public ICO sale as the 100% bonus is available.

And moreover, the current pieta token price of $ 1.5 will rise to $2.5 in the second public ICO sale. As the sale will move forward the prizes will increase and the amount of bonus token will decrease.

A wise investor always seizes the opportunity to invest at the lowest rate and here it comes with an additional 100% bonus, making the investment- a two in one opportunity.

It is the kick at the can for users who are seeking a low-cost entry point into the crypto world.

Pieta is a solution, a pioneer project which has successfully invented a bona fide, economical and eco-friendly energy substitute for cryptocurrency mining. The Pieta platform will use natural, abundant and cheaper solar energy as a key energy source for the mining process with no adverse impacts on the environment.

Pieta tends to increase the sale of merchants and businesses by decreasing their costs through its exquisite features like low energy consumption, lower transaction fees, and faster transactions.

After a year-long successful ICO sale for fundraising to build solar-powered mining rigs and solar firms across Africa, Pieta public sale is currently in its first stage and will be followed by 5 more stages till November 14, 2019.

Not to be missed opportunity for Investors and token enthusiasts who want to increase cross-operational ability and earn a handsome return.

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