Pieta ecosystem is moving forward to the next milestone

Pieta ecosystem is moving

As the ICO sale of Pieta approaches to an end, the team is all set to reveal its plans for the future. In fact, there is a big surprise coming your way.

The journey of Pieta project so far has been nothing short of extraordinary. Over the course of the past few months, we’ve managed to become a partner with more than 600 investors, who are now a part of the Pieta ecosystems. But more than that, we have attracted the interest and attention of thousands of people, including miners, mining organizations and crypto enterprises, all over the world who want to know more about this project and become a part of it.

Well, as we move towards the future, Pieta ecosystem is committed to bringing new innovations and more for its investors and users. Our next milestones include the launch of a fully-fledged mining platform along with digital wallet app of Pieta, listing of Pieta token on multiple exchanges, the commencement of Pieta coin mining, etc.

Pieta Ecosystem – upcoming milestones

Pieta solar plants in Africa

Pieta team is presently engaged in establishing solar plants across Africa, with the primary aim to provide employment and cheap electricity to the poor people in the region. It is in the final stage. We chose Africa because of the high and constant availability of solar energy. Electricity produced from the solar plants of Pieta will be used for mining, households and business purposes.

Release of Pieta digital wallet app

The development of Pieta’s one of its kind mining network is almost finished. The same will be launched in November this year, along with our digital wallet app where you can store all your cryptocurrencies and perform exchange of currencies from within the wallet.

Pieta token listing

Pieta token has already been listed on the reputable P2PB2B exchange platform, where people can sell their tokens or buy more tokens in exchange for Bitcoin, ETH, etc. In the coming days, Pieta token will be listed by many more exchanges who are willing to benefit from the increasing popularity and demand by giving users an opportunity to trade our token for many more cryptocurrencies. As the demand for Pieta token increases, so will its value on the exchanges, and the more profits will be earned by the token holders.

Mining of cryptocurrencies

With the launch of Pieta’s unique solar-based crypto mining platform, very soon cryptocurrency mining will become a mainstream thing. People, who are currently not able to participate in the mining of bitcoins because of the high input (hardware, electricity, etc.) cost, will find our mining system much affordable and user-friendly.

The mining cost of Pieta ecosystem will be up to 50% less than traditional mining platforms because of the use of high-quality and affordable solar power produced at our own plants.

Moreover, users will be given additional incentives, including a discount in the contract (hash) price, for using Pieta tokens and mining new Pieta coins.

To know more about the upcoming milestones and plans of Pieta, please visit pieta network

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