Pieta Ecosystem is Doing Exactly What It Promised

The crypto industry is changing at a rapid pace, for good. There was a time when people were eager to invest in just any cryptocurrency as they were not very familiar with the market. But now, as investors are becoming warier, startups and companies are also properly communicating their ideas to raise awareness among the investors.

We understand that there are still many crypto projects that make fake promises when it comes to getting investment from the market. Keeping that in mind and to maintain the user trust in us, Pieta has so far made sure to deliver everything we have promised.

The credibility of a cryptocurrency company depends greatly on what they can deliver more than what they can promise. Considering that, we are proud to say that Pieta ecosystem has delivered on its promises. And we will continue to do so, all we need is your support and trust.

To help you believe that Pieta ecosystem is doing exactly what it promised, here we are laying out our plans and what we have achieved so far.

Pieta ICO

The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) sale of Pieta tokens started this January. The pre-ICO sale was quite successful and we made a great base for our project. More people know about the Pieta project and understand what we are trying to do here.

Pieta is developing a solar-based ecosystem for cryptocurrency mining. It will be the first of its kind as it will reduce energy cost in mining by up to 50%.

The public ICO sale of Pieta token is running now and will conclude this November.

Partnership with Mining Networks

Pieta has already partnered with top mining networks such as Bitmain for developing our own customized mining rigs which will operate with solar electricity. The same is under-development and will be launched in November this year.

Listing on Exchanges

Staying true to our promise, we are now all set to list the Pieta token (PITC) on many popular exchanges for trading. The first exchange where Pieta will be listed is P2PB2B, where you can start trading Pieta tokens starting from 26 August. Initially, the investors will be able to trade their PITC for top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and ETH.

Development of Solar Plants in Africa

As you know, we need solar energy to successfully operate our mining ecosystem. The present availability of solar electricity is limited and costly. We are, therefore, in the process of developing our own solar plants that will produce and deliver low-cost solar energy to businesses around the globe. The development will also benefit the poor people in Africa by creating employment.

Launch of Pieta Digital Wallet & Application

The development of Pieta mining ecosystem, digital wallet and app are in the final stage, which will be launched in November this year. This launch will prove that Pieta is actually a genuine project and is committed to fulfilling the dreams and goals of its investors along with its own. Our final product will be ready soon. Hang in there!

For more updates, you can visit our website: Pieta Network

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