All You Need To Know About Pieta’s Digital Wallet

Pieta Digital Wallets

Pieta will soon launch a dedicated digital wallet enabling its investors to hold and transact their tokens/coins. The wallet will enable tokenholders to securely hold their tokens and use them for transactions. Here’s all you need to know about the Pieta wallet. The wallet application will be launched by November 2019 soon after the ICO sale is finished.

The pieta wallet will be created automatically for each holder and buyer of the Pieta tokens. The tokens purchased during the Pieta ICO will be automatically credited to the wallet accounts of respective users.

In addition to the basic functionalities to store and manage tokens, the Pieta digital wallet will have the following features & benefits:

Windows Platform

Pieta’s will be the first digital wallet to be hosted on the Windows platform. This is to ensure that more people can access the wallet on both mobile and desktop devices to manage their tokens.

Simple and Accessible

The Pieta digital wallet will also be released in a mobile app format which can be accessed and used on any compatible mobile device. This will enable users to access their wallet and tokens at any time and from anywhere, even on the go. The wallet interface (UI) will be quite simple and intuitive which everyone can use easily to manage and make digital transactions.

Support to Multiple Cryptocurrencies

The Pieta wallet will support a number of different digital currencies, enabling users to hold and manage all their tokens in one place. This will ensure security as well as convenience for the tokenholders as they can store all their currencies without having to manage different wallets for different coins.


The Pieta wallet will be designed with a focus on all types of possible users, including Token Owners, B2B and B2C Businesses, Miners, and Token Traders, That means all these users and some more will be able to access and use the wallet.

One Wallet for All

The money stored in the Pieta wallet could be used for performing various kinds of transactions, such as payments, money transfer, and more. Other than that, it will give users access to the following services:

  • Pieta tokens/coins and other cryptocurrencies
  • Merchant Payments
  • Third-party transactions
  • Exchange
  • Crypto Mining – along with access to affordable mining rigs

Other major benefits and features of the Pieta wallet app include low transaction cost, high transaction speed, high security, affordable payments, facility to check balance & track payments, etc.

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