Pieta coin to be listed on popular exchanges for IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)

Pieta coin, which is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of the year, is now all set to be listed on many popular crypto exchanges for IEO.

What is IEO?

IEO, or Initial Exchange Offering, is a fundraising method employed by many cryptocurrency startups, where a startup seeks to raise funds in exchange for their newly released tokens. IEOs emerged as an alternative to ICO in the past year or so, mostly promoted by the increasing investor distrust in the ICO space.

The primary difference between and IEO and ICO is of the platform. While an ICO is held by the issuing (owner) company on their own website, an IEO is held on an established crypto exchange platform, where the exchange manages and administers the fundraising activity on behalf of the company.

Why is Pieta being listed for IEO?

Pieta is a revolutionary coin backed by a futuristic project which once developed will effectively solve the energy efficiency problem of the crypto mining space. However, to make Pieta coin popular among the investors, it is important to build their trust first. As of now, IEO happens to be one of the most trustworthy and reliable mechanisms for seeking crypto investors. This is why the PIeta team is planning to launch the Pieta coin on multiple exchanges where it will be trading against many other cryptocurrencies.

In order to develop a multi-tier, vast mining ecosystem such as Pieta, the team needs to collect funds from potential investors. The platform will be developed in multiple stages. While the development of Pieta mining rigs is already under process, the future steps include the development of Pieta solar station, Pieta headquarter, etc.

Pieta token has already been released and will be used as a means for the team to raise funds for the mining. Project

On which exchange platforms Pieta will be listed?

Pieta is under the process of listing on a number of reputed crypto exchange sites. The final list will be revealed soon.

How to participate in Pieta IEO?

The schedule for Pieta IEO on different exchanges will be released soon. Accordingly, interested investors can participate in the sale by signing up on the particular platform. There might be platform-specific conditions such as KYC requirements for investing in the Pieta IEO. You can find more details on the particular platform or Pieta website.

IEO is a more secure and trusted way for crypto startups to raise funds. Crypto exchanges use a relatively stronger mechanism for ensuring the security of their tokens as well as of the users who invest in them. This is why Pieta decided to hold its next token sale on a prestigious exchange platform. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Pieta IEO sale

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