Accepted Payment Methods for Pieta ICO Investors

Accepted Payment Methods

The Pieta project is presently in the ICO phase where interested investors can purchase Pieta tokens (PITC) to support the development of Pieta’s solar-powered mining ecosystem. PITC is a utility token which can be purchased in exchange for a number of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, Bitcoin Cash, ETH, LTC, and Dash coin.

Why to buy Pieta token?

Wondering why you should invest in the Pieta token? Well, there are many reasons. For one, the pieta ecosystem will enable crypto mining through solar-powered mining rigs, consuming less power/electricity and increasing the mining profitability. So, if you are a bitcoin mining enthusiast troubled by the increased cost, Pieta might just be the solution for you.

Even if you’re not into crypto mining, you can still benefit by investing in the Pieta project in the following ways:

  • PITC is a utility token which will give its holders access to a point-of-sale network of merchants accepting tokens in exchange for goods/services. This is to make the token more liquid and usable.
  • Pieta token holders will also get a sharing in the revenues and profits of the platform.
  • Pieta token has been enabled for trading, which means the coin holders and investors can trade PITC for other compatible currencies on the supported exchanges.
  • The investors will also be able to purchase cost-effective mining rigs and solar power in exchange for Pieta tokens.
  • Moreover, Pieta tokens can be purchased at huge discounts and bonus during the ICO & pre-ICO sale.

How to buy Pieta tokens? (Payment Methods)

I’m sure that by now you’re convinced to invest in the Pieta project, so I will go right ahead and tell you the process of investing as well as the supported payment methods.

To make it convenient for people to invest in the Pieta project, we have enabled payment through a number of top cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you can buy pieta tokens in exchange for,

  • Bitcoin (BTC),
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ether (ETH),
  • Litecoin (LTC), and
  • Dash coin

And do not worry, the purchase process is even easier.

In order to buy pieta tokens, you will first have to recharge your digital wallet to make sure that there are enough currencies to make the purchase. After that, you can sign up on the official website to participate in the sale.

After login, you’ll be redirected to the user dashboard where you can select the number of Pieta tokens you wish to purchase.

Then, you select the payment method and proceed. Upon successful completion of payment, you’ll receive a verification message for the same. The pieta tokens purchased by you will be held in an Escrow wallet and will be released once the ICO sale is completed.

As of now, the ICO sale of Pieta is running on the website, where you can buy the tokens for as low as $0.25 per token along with a bonus of up to 100%, depending on the phase. Invest Now!

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