Many of You were asking details of Pieta’s business model, Here it is

Pieta business model

In the last few months, Pieta has set itself apart from various other cryptocurrencies, in terms of high potential, usability and profits. In fact, the dev team has recently released a detailed teaser of the Pieta ecosystem, explaining the business model and profit structure of Pieta.

Pieta’s Business Model Explained

Pieta has a very simple and straightforward business model.

In simple terms, it aims to decrease the cost and adverse effects of crypto mining and increase the profitability for the miners, investors and users.

It may sound simple to read or write, but it’s not this simple in practical execution.

Wondering how Pieta aims to achieve its goals and what the problem actually is.

Well, you must probably be aware that cryptocurrency mining is a very energy-consuming activity. In fact, the mining of bitcoins requires as much energy as consumed by a small country like New Zealand in an entire year. This is because of the high energy consumption by the thousands of computers engaged in solving complex algorithms of bitcoin and other crypto networks.

One obvious solution to this problem is reducing energy consumption in crypto mining. But it is easier said than done. Many projects have previously tried this but were not successful. That’s because their approach was not right.

Pieta is also trying to solve this exact problem but in a different way. Pieta will target the energy-consumption problem of the mining industry in two separate methods. First, it will provide access to other cheaper and more eco-friendly energy alternatives such as solar power for the mining of cryptocurrencies. Also, it will develop customized mining hardware and algorithm for reducing energy consumption in the mining process.

Now, you must be wondering about the profit structure. How does Pieta, investors and minors earn profit? Here’s how it will work.

The major source of income for the Pieta platform, users and investors will be the crypto mining. With the use of Pieta’s energy-efficient and high-performance mining system accompanied by solar energy, the profitability of minors will increase by many folds. According to the team, the input cost of mining will be reduced by as much as 50% by the use of Pieta’s mining system, which will increase the user profits.

Also, Pieta will distribute 20% of its platform profits among the initial investors of the project, as a token of gratitude.

Those who have invested in the Pieta project or purchased Pieta tokens will benefit immensely as the token price increases with the increase in demand. See, the Pieta token will be the only way to purchase Pieta’s mining equipment, contracts, etc. So, the demand will naturally increase once the platform is launched in the market. Then, you can sell your Pieta tokens for high profits or can continue to hold them to earn higher long term profits.

To know more about this, check out the Pieta teaser at pieta network teaser pdf

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