How to make money with Pieta Coin?

make money with Pieta Coin

One of the first questions that every potential investor would ask before investing in an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is – how will I make money from it.

This is the same question investors have been asking from the Pieta team. The team has already released a teaser, detailing the profit structure and benefits of Pieta ecosystem. The investor profit structure has also been explained in the Pieta whitepaper.

To further ease the job of investors, here’s a detailed outlook of all the earning resources an investor/user will have in the Pieta ecosystem.

Pieta Mining

Mining refers to the process of creating new Pieta coins. Pieta coin mining will be the primary and major source of profit for the project investors. All the investors of Pieta token will get access to Pieta’s eco-friendly, solar-powered mining platform through they would be able to mine Pieta coins with high efficiency and low energy consumption.

In addition to Pieta coins, the mining system can also be used for the mining of several other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ETH.

Pieta will offer solar-enabled mining rigs to the users to allow mining of coins using sustainable solar power. The lifespan of this mining hardware will be enhanced with the use of the X20 algorithm which improves efficiency by limiting energy consumption in mining.

Free Pieta coins

Pieta is running a bounty program along with an Airdrop program on its website, under which users can claim free Pieta coins by performing a series of basic tasks such as posting on social media, tweeting about Pieta and writing articles/blogs, etc.

The bounty program of Pieta will end with the conclusion of the ongoing ICO sale in November 2019.

Pieta ICO Investment

Investing in the Pieta ICO is right now the best way to secure your future in the crypto space. By investing in the token, you can reserve your rights to gain access to the PIeta’s solar-powered crypto mining system as soon as it goes live later this year.

Moreover, you can double your profits by investing right now (during the first phase ICO), as investors will get 100% bonus tokens for a limited time period.

Pieta coin trading

Another income opportunity from Pieta is in the form of crypto trading. The pieta coin is enabled for trading and will soon be listed on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. The token holders can then exchange their coins for other currencies for a profit.

This is obviously inspired by the positive expectation that the price of Pieta coin will rise as the demand for Pieta mining system and solar energy will increase in the market.

The best strategy to make the most out of your crypto trading is – sell when the price is high and buy when the price is low.Good luck with investments. Join Pieta ecosystem now at

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