Wake Up investors, Wake Up! Pieta Pre ICO Sale Is Still Ongoing | Only 2 Days Left, Hurry Up!

Pieta Pre Sale IS Live

Now, it’s time to Hurry up and grab the blissful opportunity of being a part of the Pieta network! Just three days left to get yourself involved in the coming generation’s most popular, cheaper and widely used Mining process, i.e Pieta. The sale is going to end on Feb 14, 2019.

Pieta, as we are already familiar, is known for Mining cryptocurrencies through the use of solar energy which is much easier to produce and does not affect environment adversely. Thus, the cost of mining gets reduced making the platform affordable and accessible to everyone. The use of new X20 algorithm in this mining process keeps the hardware cool and controls overheating thus reducing the energy consumption.

Pieta offers an alternative way of mining cryptocurrencies. It has gained popularity and is certainly profitable to be adopted as it uses solar energy instead of other non-renewable energy sources for Mining.

As a reminder to the potential investors, we wish to inform that Pieta token being the most popular ICO project of the year, is on sale through the ICO platform and is being made available to the investors at an exclusive rate with a higher Bonus percentage as stated below:

Pieta Price in Pre-ICO: $0.25
Acceptable currencies: BTC, Dogecoin
Bonus: 40% (Limited period)

The Bonus attached to the Pieta currencies would get reduced after the Pre-ICO sale of Pieta tokens is over. Meanwhile, a major part of tokens has already been sold. So, the Alarm bells are ringing as a reminder to the ones who are left to enjoy the benefit.

The Pre-ICO sale of Pieta tokens had begun from 15th of January and now is on its way to completion.The Pieta tokens are in great demand and have made the ICO to become a success as it is about to reach the softcap target. So, Invest before February 14 and enjoy a welcome bonus offer!.

The Pre-ICO for Pieta token sale is getting a huge response from the investors and potential users. A total of 100,000 tokens are on sale during the pre-sale period. But now, only few are left which reveals the success of this new and cheaper concept of mining.

Start date: Jan 15, 2019
End date: Feb 14, 2019
Pieta Price in Pre-ICO: $0.25
Acceptable currencies: BTC, Dogecoin
Bonus: 40% (Limited period)

Register and buy now!

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