Top ICOs for Investment in April 2019

ICOs are becoming well-known at an exceptional pace as it is considered a faster and cheaper fundraising platform for investors or individuals for their business operations and development.

An important feature of ICOs is its liquidity that results in much faster and higher returns, thereby making ICOs a popular and profitable platform.

Flood of ongoing and upcoming ICOs has made it difficult to identify scams and select the Best ICO to make an investment. In this article, we have listed a few selected and best ICO of 2019.


Pieta is a solar-powered ecosystem that offers cost-efficient and environment-friendly cryptocurrency mining. Pieta is the a blockchain project at the international front that aims to minimize the cost of cryptocurrency mining while making it more adaptable, natural & user-friendly.

Pieta mainly aims at Saving Environment By Using New Technologies. Pieta focuses on curtailing the cost of crypto mining and power consumption in the mining process to save the environment from the adverse impacts of carbon release.

It uses the new X20 algorithm which reduces the electricity consumption by 50% in blockchain mining, making mining an eco-friendly activity.

Pieta is inventing customized mining hardware which would be powered with green solar energy. The minings rigs are being developed in collaboration with leading mining networks such as Bitmain.

Elrond Network

Elrond Network is a secure State-Proof-of-Stake based public ecosystem that has been invented on the “sharding mechanism”.

Elrond has been designed in such a fashion that it snuff off the limitations like scalability, third-party adherence, cross-chain interoperability and other security issues while offering a more compatible and fully decentralized ecosystem.


EndChain is a blockchain solution to the logistics industry. It aims to remodel the logistics industry and to fix the various issues of the sector via open protocols, decentralization and utilities.

The EndChain intends to connect producers, forwarders, transportation companies and other parties in easy to navigate transactions.


Ledgity, available as a mobile application, is a global ecosystem solely for security tokens. Ledgity is an exchange platform that aims to fill the gaps between offline and online transactions, eliminate intermediaries, increase liquidity, and pace up transactions.

The whole platform is powered by LTY(official token of Ledgity) and the KYC layer further adds authenticity and legality in the platform and attracts genuine and authorised investors.


ChainZilla is an end-to-end blockchain service platform that enables individuals and businesses to invent their own tokens, blockchain, apps and ICOs at minimal cost and work within a time period of 4 weeks under an expert advise of the professional team.

ChainZilla is associating with other blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Komodo, Qtum and NEM in order to promote the user experience, security specifications and design of the ecosystem for thrilling results.


Bluebelt offers instant and constant liquidity to the investors and operates with a host of other crypto exchange platforms like Bittrex, Bitthumb, Binance, etc.

Its multi-signature wallet has the potency to store multiple currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. BBC is the utility token of the ICO.

Bluebelt provides crypto exchanges across Asia in countries like India, Japan, South Korea, Myanmar, Indonesia, etc.and offers connection and collaboration between account holders, brokers, other third-party exchanges.

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