How Pieta is the best mining project for investors to invest in 2019

best mining project

Pieta is a mining project which aims to make crypto mining affordable and accessible for everyone by developing a mining network that will operate with renewable solar energy.

About Pieta Mining Network

For a long time, crypto mining has been a popular industry because of its high potential to make money for the users through the mining of new, profitable cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. However, as the competition is increasing in the mining space, so is the difficulty and input cost. This is making mining a less profitable activity with each passing day.

Energy cost is among the major contributors to the cost of mining. If this is solved somehow, the cost of crypto mining can be reduced to a great extent.

With that in mind, Pieta is developing a new kind of mining ecosystem where affordable solar energy will be provided to miners around the world looking for a better way to mine cryptocurrencies.

How Pieta’s mining network works

Suppose that you are troubled with the high energy and hardware costs of current mining systems and looking for a better, cheaper way to mine new cryptocurrencies, you can shift to Pieta mining network.

For that, you will have to first buy the Pieta mining contracts, which is digital agreements giving access to the Pieta’s mining ecosystem and hashrate to start mining. Wondering how to buy mining contracts? To buy mining contracts from Pieta, you’ll need Pieta tokens, which is the native cryptocurrency of the Pieta ecosystem. You can buy it from the ongoing ICO sale.

Once you’ve enough Pieta tokens in your account/wallet, you can start buying mining contracts on the official website. With these contracts, you will be able to mine new cryptocurrencies, such as Pieta coin, Bitcoin and ETH with affordable and unlimited solar power to your disposal. Moreover, Pieta’s cloud-based mining infrastructure will further help you reduce the cost and increase profitability.

Why invest in Pieta mining project

If you’re still wondering why you should be a part of the Pieta project, here you go.

If you’re a miner, invest in the Pieta project to do your part to ensure a long future for the mining industry and save it from going extinct. It’s true if the cost of energy keeps rising at this rate, soon crypto mining will become inaccessible for anyone. So, do your part and join hands with Pieta to create a renewable crypto mining system.

Even if you’re not a miner, you must still care about the environment. The increasing use of energy in crypto mining is harming our ecosystem and polluting the environment with high carbon emission. Pieta, with its solar mining system, will help reduce this energy consumption by replacing non-renewable energy with green solar energy in mining operations around the globe.

If you like to invest in cryptocurrencies and ICOs and want to see your money grow with a growing project, do invest in the Pieta project today to start building a strong future with us. Visit- Pieta Network

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