Features & Benefits of Pieta PITC Token: (You Need To Know For Your Better Future)

Features of Pieta Token

Pieta is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides a way for Pieta platform to raise funding for the project. Since it is an ERC-20 token, it can be traded for other ERC20 tokens via exchanges that support it. In addition, the token backs the highly potential Pieta project which is being developed as a platform for blockchain mining with renewable solar energy.

Features and Benefits of Pieta Token

Private (untraceable) Transactions

Pieta, thanks to the blockchain technology, will allow users to perform totally private yet transparent transactions. Transparent in the sense that the transactions will be verifiable in case of disputes.

Access to a point-of-sale network of businesses that accept pieta coin transactions

This would be one of the best benefits and revenue sources for the holders of Pieta token. Pieta will form partnership with multiple merchants to form a point-of-sale network where tokenholders would be able to transact (buy/sale actual products and services) by using their Pieta tokens (PITC). This is to improve the usability of Pieta tokens.

Easy-to-use Blockchain Mining Platform

Pieta token will give its holders and investors access to a user-friendly Interface through which they can purchase or mine tokens even without any technical knowledge.

Low Cost of Mining

Thanks to the use of solar energy as the power source, Pieta is able to offer mining services at a very low cost compared to other cryptocurrency mining platforms.

Low Platform Fee

Low energy consumption thanks to the new X20 algorithm enables the platform to allow mining at low fees.

No Inflation

Pieta is a decentralized cryptocurrency which is not affected by inflation or the market up-downs as it is not dominated by any centralized authority. This gives better opportunities to all its users.

High security and Faster Transactions

Pieta’s X20 algorithm implements multiple hashing to increase the speed and security of transactions. This enables miners to create more blocks in less time and make more profits.

Pieta Network’s Average Block creation time is 20 second and Block reward is 12 pieta coin.


Pieta will also have the capability to integrate with other blockchain solutions to expand the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.


The X20 algorithm employed by Pieta focuses on improving the transaction speed with the purpose to make the system more scalable.


The blockchain technology provides complete anonymity of transactions as well as of the user data.

No fraud

Through the use of blockchain technology and profit sharing mechanism, the chance of fraudulent transactions is minimal.

Access to all users

The simple interface coupled with easy mining process makes Pieta accessible to all the users are interested in blockchain mining.

Pieta tokens can be earned via the pre-ICO sale which is live now. Other than that, Pieta tokens will be earned through mining once the platform is developed.

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