Factors That Makes Pieta Coin Unique (Better) From Others

Pieta is the world’s first blockchain project that aims to reduce the cost and excessive power consumption in crypto mining operations in order to make mining more eco-friendly, affordable and accessible to everyone.

Pieta, unlike other crypto mining solutions, uses green solar energy replacing the conventional energy sources like electricity, for blockchain mining operations along with the power-efficient latest X20 hashing algorithm, which reduces the power consumption up to 50% during mining.

Still, not satisfied, Here is a list of some eccentric features that makes Pieta Coin, unique from other cryptocurrencies:

X20 hashing algorithm

Pieta uses the latest X20 hashing algorithm that reduces power consumption up to 50% in mining by keeping mining equipment cooler.

The use of X20 algorithm also increases mining efficiency and lowers the transaction fee. Thus, mining of Pieta coins is both sustainable and profitable, unlike other mining platforms, were miners have to rely on hardware completely.

Cost-efficient Green Solar Energy

Pieta coins can be mined using the low-cost renewable solar energy by the miners, which will reduce electricity consumption, prevent mining oligarchy and make mining accessible for everyone.

Unlike, other crypto mining platforms, investors and miners of Pieta coin would have access to affordable solar energy, which they can use for mining as well as for personal/business purpose. The use of green solar energy will also help them avoid paying heavy electricity bills monthly.

High Mining Rewards

Pieta, while comparing to other crypto mining platforms, offers high mining rewards to the users. Pieta will offer 12 Pieta tokens to miners for each block they create. That’s not all, the users who will purchase the Hashrate mining contracts through Pieta token as the payment method would get additional 20% discount.

Adding to this, investors and users of Pieta platform can maximize their earnings by mining Pieta coins through the cost-effective green solar energy.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Multiple Revenue Streams

Pieta has put the interest of the users ahead of itself, unlike other blockchain projects. Following this philosophy, Pieta is aiming to maximize the earning of Pieta token miners, owners, business, society, and environment at large. As a part of this initiative, Pieta will provide multiple revenue streams for the Pieta coin holders and miners.

Pieta will provide a point of sale network for users, integrate with other blockchain networks to increase scalability, and also share the platform revenue with early investors based on their investments.

High Bonuses and Airdrops

Pieta, unlike other crypto mining projects, is committed to work for the wider society and protect the surrounding environment by using solar energy in mining operations.

A lot of ICOs are scam these days and to improve the existing market situation and gain investor trust, Pieta will share its profits by using 33% of the total supply of Pieta tokens for bonus purpose.

Trading on Multiple exchanges

Pieta coins is also an X20 cryptocurrency, which can be traded against other cryptocurrencies on multiple exchanges. Once the ICO sale ends, Pieta coins will be listed on popular exchanges where users can exchange their coins against other cryptocurrencies including Dollars.

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